Pumpkin butterscotch cupcakes


Do we have to stop eating pumpkin goodies when Thanksgiving is over? Because if all your recipes are going to move on to peppermint and chocolate, you might want to sneak this one in before the season of spice is over.

I first made these delicious little treats as blondies but decided they were a bit sticky, a little hard to handle and I really just wanted an easier way to eat as a many as possible. Thus: the cupcake. Continue reading

Why I love Pop and Cook frozen herbs


I recently discovered a super cool little product in the freezer section of the grocery store called Pop and Cook. I’ve actually only been able to find these at Wal-Mart, so that’s where I suggest you start looking for these precious little time savers.

These frozen little cubes – equivalent to one teaspoon of the herb, or one clove of garlic – can easily be popped into a soup, sauteed in a pan or even thawed in the microwave and added to a marinade without ever getting your knife out. Continue reading

Pressure cooker-style beef stew over brown butter mashed potatoes


I’m a little indifferent toward beer stews.

I think the problem is rooted in eating too many of them when they weren’t cooked properly – leading to tough bits of beef that you chewed and chewed and chewed and chewed until you could finally swallow.

You can see how that might not be the most pleasant experience, right? Continue reading