Cajun shrimp and grits

IMG_1247It’s tough for me to think of non-traditional breakfast foods to make for The Mister. It is rare that he is in the mood for pancakes or omelets, although he does enjoy breakfast potatoes – a lot.

We decided to have an at-home brunch date after a busy week with little time to really sit down and talk. He made the coffee and stopped by the grocery store for grits the night before. I cooked them up – cheesy and gooey and delicious – and topped them with spicy, smoky shrimp and turkey bacon. Continue reading

Guilt-free potato and parsnip broccoli cheddar soup

IMG_1079I don’t think the temperature has jumped above freezing much at all the past few weeks. Snow that fell long ago is still lining the grass around our complex. The problem is that all I want to do is be cozy.

Sweatpants. Over-sized sweaters. Comfort foods.

These are the pleasures of a winter. Until the warmer weather creeps up and I shed my bulky clothes for *gasp* shorts, tanks and bathing suits. I might regret all that mac and cheese later.

In an effort to help us all keep up with our New Year’s resolutions, I whipped up some comfort food that comes with a little less guilt. Fill up on something that warms your belly without making it bigger by the time the snow eventually melts. Continue reading

Healthy Swedish meatballs


It’s the season of New Year’s resolutions. We diet. We exercise. We work ourselves into an exhausted oblivion. No wonder most of us give up by the time March rolls around.

Well, I guess we hope to have more success this year. Mostly because The Mister and I started before Jan. 1. Yep. We kicked off a better eating plan right after Christmas. Right now, this consists of counting calories and taking our dog on extra long walks around the neighborhood. We realize that burning 150 calories in a 2-mile stroll is not the most we can do, but we’re trying to outlast the crowd of giver uppers that drift back to donut shops before spring arrives. Continue reading

Chipotle turkey chili


I think some of us on the East Coast need to be reminded of warmer days.

I was just thinking today how nice it is to take our dog, Tito, on walks around the neighborhood when the sun shines down on our backs and we run through the grass without a care in the world.

It feels like that was forever ago. Continue reading