Navaroli Nation: Helping a friend overcome cancer

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Nearly everyone can relate to a cause.

Things got personal for me when a co-worker, a friend, was diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this year.

Steve Navaroli is a sports reporter for the newspaper where I work. He’s an awesome guy. Even though we didn’t get too many opportunities to work together, he was always one to take the time to ask how things were going. Even when things weren’t going so well for him.

After taking some time off to battle his cancer, local student athletes that Steve used to write about started selling T-shirts to raise money to cover his medical costs. The response to their cause is overwhelming.

It’s touching to see their want to help Steve. Maybe because I’m a journalist, too, and I only hope I have impacted people’s lives in such a way. And maybe because I know Steve. I’ve met his wife, his kids and I’m used to seeing him every day when I come into the office.

It’s hard to see someone you know have to go through a tough time.

And while there is only so much we can do for Steve, I think all we can do is try to make the burden easier to carry. To let him know we’re still rooting for him. We’re still hoping he makes it back here soon.

So maybe you don’t know Steve. But maybe you know what it’s like to see someone go through something tough. If that’s the case, please consider giving to the Navaroli Nation to help cover Steve’s medical costs and give his family something to fall back on while he shows cancer he’s boss. Email the students organizing the T-shirts sales at

Thank you for caring.