What a foodie wants for Christmas

This is not MY Christmas wish list. I know it could be confused as such. Don’t worry! I wouldn’t publish such a thing, would I?

Instead, here are some great gift ideas I think YOU would love, so maybe you should add them to your own wish list.

Whiskey stones are great, not only for alcoholic drinks, but any beverage you don’t want to have watered down. Place these in the freezer and toss them in your favorite drink. They’re a great gift for guys, too. 9 cubes for $20.

No kitchen should be without The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Innovative Chefs. Written by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, The Flavor Bible presents a delicious compendium of hundreds of ingredients and how best to pair them and prepare them for delectable everyday meals as well as elegant multi-course occasions. $20 on Amazon.com.

An immersion blender is something any home cook should have on hand, especially if they like homemade soups, stews, cold items and more. It makes clean up a lot easier because you don’t have to take apart the blender. About $35 on cooking.com.

A good cook knows the value of a cast iron skillet. They will also know how darn expensive one can be. So here we have the mini version, perfect for single servings of potatoes and eggs, or those ooey gooey oven brownies. Yum. $12 from Lodge skillets.

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